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Compelling Communications


Live Events

Remove the stress from hosting live events with broadcast quality and reliable technology. The tailored easy to use solutions make your staff more efficient and supports a wide variety of web, social platforms, screen sizes and more.


Internal Communication

Adopt the video-memo to produce more effective communication within your organization, bring people together from anywhere in the world, and utilize your facilities to its maximum capability with the best technology.


External Communication

Increase engagement, awareness and promote industry experts to differentiate your company’s brand. Leverage collaborative live streams, real-time presentations, and integrated social media outreach to get your message viewed around the globe.


E Learning

Train employees and educate customers in person and/or remotely to reduce costs, lessen you carbon footprint and reach a wider audience. Utilize cutting edge technology to promote creativity for more visualized learning experience while maintaining interaction.


Digital Conference Rooms

Get beyond a talking head in a conference room and create a modern environment for global meetings. High production value virtual meetings will further promote professional communication, accommodate remote participants, and create a quality video archive.


Hyper Connected Facilities

Maximize your existing spaces and resources to add flexibility into your productions, by tying individual systems together to create a flexible interconnected campus. Innovative broadcast solutions allow for a campus wide matrix with executable simplicity.


Want to know more

Your One-stop Broadcast Solutions Partner

Why i-Solutions?

Customized, Repeatable, and Scalable Solutions

  • Solutions tailored to your application

  • Unified Environments throughout your facility

  • Operational consistency and ease of support

Broadcast Quality / Mission Critical Solutions

  • Backed by more than 45 years of experience and development.

  • Technology trusted by companies around the world in technology, finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy, and hospitality.

  • Relied on by broadcasters, sports venues, and production companies for the most high-profile productions.

Creative and Professional Services

  • Graphic Design and Integration

  • Virtual Set and Augmented Reality

  • Workflow and Data Integration

  • Customer Control Interfaces

  • Long Standing creative partnerships

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