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Stream and Share Your Gameplay Like Never Before

We have created wide range of intuitive, easy-to-use production tools to make operation simple, and to allow gamers to focus on what really matters:

Creating Moments That Fans Will Never Forget.

No matter the game, no matter the size of production – We have a solution for you.

Control Room Solutions

Control Room Solutions


Observer Room


LED Display Control Solutions


Venue Control Solutions

Control room solutions


An esports control room features operation workflows that are designed by gamers for gamers, and this can pose unique production challenges that we are inherently built to meet. Our vast experience in live production allows us to find solutions where others can’t, and our can-do attitude and love of a challenge make us the perfect partner for esports control rooms that are redefining live production. Our products are tightly integrated using our proprietary control protocol, which offers limitless control options for your event. No matter the size of the control space, we can fit the needs of any sized tournament. Regardless of whether your event is large or small, we have a production solution that will get the job done.

Observer room


We knows the Observer Room is a critical component of any esports event. The observer mode in video games turns a computer into an in-game camera that is infinitely more powerful than a real-world camera because it is not tethered to a physical space. Every imaginable angle is always available through observer mode and there are no rules! How would you shoot Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends or any other live event if you could be literally anywhere? These are the questions we want to help esports directors answer. By using our industry-leading tools and our fully customizable DashBoard control interface, we offers the most cost-effective and efficient Observer Room Workflow in the industry.

LED display control solutions


We applied our feature-rich graphics system into LED Control and adds the ability to create limitless virtual canvases within our platform to drive any LED display resolution pixel-accurately with pre-rendered and real-time rendered 3D graphics. From hype tunnels to oversized LED walls, our systems are now being used by the largest esports venues in the world.

Venue control solutions


Our DashBoard control software allows for complete and total control of any esports venue. It can be overwhelming to manage multiple internal LED displays and external displays, not to mention a live broadcast! By programming custom DashBoard panels to trigger limitless devices, it becomes simple to control your entire facility and your stream with precise event timing. It also allows the system to be scalable by creating different control panels for various events, regardless of size. This end-to-end turnkey approach provides you with a limitless canvas on which to create the perfect event experience for your fans. By introducing a single workflow from camera to LED display to your broadcast, we can help you become extremely efficient in your production. We want you to worry more about the fan experience and less about how many buttons it takes to get there.

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