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About Us

Together we empower the world through innovative broadcasting solutions. Join us.

Our goal is to revolutionize the broadcasting industry by providing cutting-edge solutions that deliver unparalleled customer experiences at every touchpoint, while building a foundation of trust and transparency with our clients.

Seamless Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with a range of equipment and software, allowing for easy deployment and operation.

Customizable Configuration

With our platform's flexible configuration options, users can easily tailor their setup to meet their unique broadcasting needs.

Robust Analytics

Our solution provides real-time analytics and performance data, allowing users to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.


Whether you're a small local broadcaster or a large international media company, our solution is built to scale with your needs, ensuring your investment is future-proofed.


Our Vision is a World where broadcasting technology enhances human connection and communication, Zero Boundaries, Zero Downtime and Zero Compromises

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Together, we do better

At i-Solutions, we are providing innovative broadcasting solutions. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services to clients around the world. Our headquarters in Hong Kong serve as the hub for our operations, and we are proud to be a Diamond Partner of Ross Videos. With a team of talented professionals and a network of trusted partners, we are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations and driving the future of broadcasting technology.

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We use these behaviors as a metric for self-evaluation, striving to become a company known for inclusivity, fairness, and transparency in all our interactions.


Embrace Diversity

Encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace where all perspectives are valued.

Customer-Centric Approach

Prioritizing the needs of our customers in every aspect of our business.

Drive Innovation

Maintaining a sense of urgency to innovate and constantly improve our products and services.

Forward Thinking

Anticipating future trends and proactively planning for the company's success.

Collaboration is Key

Fostering a culture of teamwork and cooperation, even in a remote work environment.

Speak Up

Encouraging open communication and sharing of ideas, without fear of retribution.

Personal Accountability

Taking ownership of your responsibilities and actions, and being accountable for your contributions.

Integrity Above All

Maintaining the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, even in challenging situations.ess.

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