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Streamline Your Operations and Ensure High-Quality Output with Our Master Control Solutions

Master your channel playout with our Master Control solution. This provides an end-to-end set of tools that integrate into a seamless workflow, offering reliability, flexibility, and scalability. This comprehensive set of products allows you to deliver content to your audience without compromise. We provide tools to define your brand, and protect your revenue stream, from content creation and playout to securing your content and ensuring regulatory compliance. 


We provide a comprehensive suite of Master Control solutions to allow media distributors to deliver their content to their audience. This ranges from content playout and graphics creation to the underlying plumbing that allows the connectivity and signaling.


Our solutions work under a unified DashBoard control system and a common remote API. Not only does this provide a single UI umbrella for individual products, but also enables customized workflows that link multiple products together into task-focused user experiences.


Invest in a solution that protects your channel brand and revenue. Maximize your channel’s monetary potential with world-class graphics and branding. Keep your channel on-air with proven, reliable solutions.


We can offer a complete end-to-end solution or just the parts you need to fit into an existing facility. Choose SDI or ST 2110 IP or add SCTE-104 triggering. The modular nature of the solution allows easy scaling as needs change.


Stay legal and avoid fines. Maintain legal compliance for content and audio levels. Utilize Air Cleaner to protect against profanity infractions.


Robust systems designed for 24/7 include key redundancies and disaster contingency features to ensure your channel stays online. Protect your assets with secure storage and playout. Ensure your content is protected with powerful branding and watermarking.


Curious about Broadcast One Integrated Broadcasting Solutions? Connect with i-Solutions expert and get real-time answers to all your questions.

Multi-Channel Master Control

The Master Control solution can easily scale to meet your facility’s needs. Common control interfaces make it easy to manage multiple channels of playout, branding, and master control from a single workstation. When you need to grow, it is easy to expand the solution without losing existing investment and workflows.

Single-Channel Master Control

The system also scales down to be a practical and easy-to-deploy solution for single-channel applications. Build the system you need today, with room for expansion in the future.

Downstream Content Insertion

Solutions are cost effective, reliable, and easily deployed in situations where simple channel branding or Emergency Alert System insertion is required. Great for localized network pass-through, simulcast or augmenting existing master control and playout systems.

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