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Mo-Sys Engineering showcases new virtual production technologies at NAB 2023

Mo-Sys Engineering has recently showcased its new technologies in remote and virtual production at NAB 2023. As an authorized business partner of Mo-Sys Engineering, i-solutions is thrilled to share the exciting innovations presented at the event.

Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG created an interactive, audience-led virtual production demonstration at the Mo-Sys booth. Visitors could immerse themselves in their own moment using the new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR. This all-in-one LED content server solution provided an outstanding experience for the participants.

Aside from the interactive virtual production, Mo-Sys presented its latest camera robotics. The two-axis L40 and heavy-duty G30 were on display, offering precise, robust, and lightweight support for high-end cinematography cameras. The e-Crane was also showcased, which is specifically designed for virtual studios, providing accuracy ideal for close-up AR graphics such as analysis tables in sports broadcasts. Moreover, Mo-Sys TimeCam offers zero-delay control from anywhere, extending the remote operation to a global scale. The RED V-Raptor 8K was shown with the TimeCam to demonstrate its capability.

Mo-Sys was not just confined to its own booth, but it was also featured in other booths at NAB. For instance, Mo-Sys collaborated with LG to showcase its bMR workflow, which features multi-camera switching, set extensions, and data-fed graphics that are ideal for sports, news, and current affairs programs. Additionally, Mo-Sys showed MoRail on the LG booth, adding creative PTZ movement in traditional newsrooms or, when combined with StarTracker PTZ, adding parallax with tracked graphics within a virtual studio.

Other booths that featured Mo-Sys products included AOTO, HP, Magicbox, Sony, Gloshine, and Tata. AOTO used StarTracker and VP Pro XR to power virtual production with a curved LED wall and floor and set extensions. HP had a full VP workflow using Mo-Sys StarTracker and held panel sessions that discussed closing the virtual production knowledge gap and novel virtual production technologies. Magicbox presented the world's first semi-trailer mobile virtual production studio built around VP Pro and StarTracker, while Sony discussed practical workflow considerations for LED production using two StarTracker systems for precision camera movements. Gloshine used StarTracker and the dedicated LED content server VP Pro XR to demonstrate its latest LED panels for virtual production. Lastly, Tata showcased the ability to control a camera over global distances using the Mo-Sys U50 head.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys, said, "Virtual and augmented production is now an everyday reality, and the key issues are how to support complete creative freedom, how to implement the technology without impact on production schedules, and how to deliver the benefits cost-effectively and sustainably. That is why we have focused on working with partners around NAB, to show the real variety of options and opportunities, and how - whether you are looking at remote production or final pixel studios - Mo-Sys has the right products and solutions."

As an authorized business partner of Mo-Sys Engineering, i-solutions is proud to have been a part of this innovative event and excited to see what the future holds for virtual and augmented production.


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