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HKSAR Government Ongoing Project

East Kowloon 
Cultural Centre

With our customized, integrated All-in-One Broadcast Solution, the 5 theaters in the centre are classed as world-class level of performance venue.

The Governement, HKSAR


East Kowloon Cultural Centre

Broadcast One Integrated Solution

Year of Implementation:


Broadcast One: Case Study

Broadcasting Success at the East Kowloon Cultural Centre with Broadcast One

As a leading broadcasting system consultant company, we were honored to work with the HKSAR government on another prestigious project, the East Kowloon Cultural Centre. Our team was tasked with providing a cutting-edge broadcasting system that could cater to the high standards of this world-class cultural venue, which consisted of five performance theaters rated as world-class.

Designing a Bespoke Solution

Our team worked closely with the HKSAR government to understand their broadcasting requirements and develop a custom solution for the East Kowloon Cultural Centre. We proposed our innovative Broadcast One solutions, which enable "One Fiber All Signals, One Platform Endless Configurations," providing a comprehensive broadcasting platform for all the different signals that needed to be transmitted.

Introducing Broadcast One

Broadcast One is a unique technology that allows for the transmission of multiple types of signals - video, audio, data, and control - over a single fiber. Our solution simplifies the broadcasting process, reducing costs, and making it more efficient. Additionally, Broadcast One's scalability enables easy expansion as requirements change.

A Revolutionary Solution

At the East Kowloon Cultural Centre, we were tasked with providing a comprehensive broadcasting solution that could meet the high standards of its world-class theaters. Our team designed a custom Broadcast One solution to meet their specific requirements. The solution was tailored to transmit all the different types of signals required by the theaters, ensuring seamless broadcast quality and efficient transmission.

Setting a New Standard

The Broadcast One solution has transformed broadcasting at the East Kowloon Cultural Centre. Our innovative solution has set a new standard for broadcasting technology in Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive platform that simplifies and streamlines the broadcasting process while delivering high-quality results.


Our team's expertise and innovative Broadcast One solutions have delivered a cutting-edge broadcasting system for the East Kowloon Cultural Centre. We were delighted to work with the HKSAR government on this prestigious project and to provide a custom solution that met their specific needs. With the Broadcast One solution, we've set a new standard for broadcasting in Hong Kong and provided a comprehensive, efficient platform for all broadcasting needs at the East Kowloon Cultural Centre.

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